Project 1:4 of  ‘writing with light’

Photojournalism has and always will be my passion and the secret love affair that no other can match point with.
So it seemed fitting that my first blog this year was in re visiting a project that I started called writing with light. Hopefully this year with all the life coaching, web seminars, work shops and networking that I’ve commited myself to, there shall be more to add to this personal project and defiantly more writing time on this site for y’all.

It was whilst being introduced to the delight of ‘Burlesque’, that the idea of WIGS, GLITTER & PLATFORMS gave birth to its self. Of cause the overture of venue being Family Bar, one can be forgiven the 35 mm roll in my head turning over 6 frames a second.

The Project 1:4 was shot over a night and a day with only available light. I was blessed for company with the gorgeous Miss Phloss, Tom Bailey/Amber Sweets and some of the ladies and friends that grace Family Bar, Auckland.

During the powder room preliminaries, my newly discovered muse fitted right in as the cat among the proverbial pigeons. Everywhere Feathers rustled, big eyes reflected back through aged glass and a cooing could be heard over the constant giggles and exclamations of “see what you’re like”. It was to say at the least, an extra-ordinary evening.

Tom allowed me to journey with him through his metamorphosis into the wonderfully delightful Amber Sweets. It was a hilarious and insightful time of it with quite a few gob smacked moments thrown in. One in particular that has always remained with me is how Tom’s mannerisms changed as his cheek bones defined, eye brow lifted and girdle clinched. Hand movements became graceful, eyes twinkled and his voice softened.

I hope that I’ve done them proud :)


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